My Rejected Apps

By |February 28th, 2011|

Before I started developing for iPhone, I had no idea of what kinds of apps Apple would reject or accept. My first application, Poke Snap was approved and from that point on, I figured that I would be fine. I was mistaken.

Rejection #1

Body Spray – I actually thought that this application was pretty cool. It was a simple application where you could just select a bottle of body spray and fake spray people with it (it had some animations and sound effects too). It was a free application that would be supported by ads.

The reason for app’s rejection was due to lack of functionality. While I believe that it was not the most functional app, I have seen others in the app store that can do even less. This app even had some funny descriptions.

Rejection #2

Clap For Lights – I had just bought my iPhone 4 and that it would be really cool if I made an application that would turn the light on the back of the iPhone on and off if you clapped.  I wrote a really cool algorithm that was able to detect claps even in a room that was really loud.

Cal Poly App

By |October 22nd, 2010|

Just released a new app the other day. You may search for it in the app store, it is simply called Cal Poly.

It is pretty cool, it includes the following features:

  • Restaurant Hours
  • Campus Map
  • Sound Board
  • Athletics Information
  • Calendar
  • More…