7 03, 2011

Ruby On Rails

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I am currently learning how to development using Ruby on Rails.  I have been using the book Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial and it is fantastic. Pretty sure, you will be seeing many new web apps added to my portfolio.

If you want to know some more about Ruby on Rails, check out this website.

28 02, 2011

My Rejected Apps

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Before I started developing for iPhone, I had no idea of what kinds of apps Apple would reject or accept. My first application, Poke Snap was approved and from that point on, I figured that I would be fine. I was mistaken.

Rejection #1

Body Spray – I actually thought that this application was pretty cool. It was a simple application where you could just select a bottle of body spray and fake spray people with it (it had some animations and sound effects too). It was a free application that would be supported by ads.

The reason for app’s rejection was due to lack of functionality. While I believe that it was not the most functional app, I have seen others in the app store that can do even less. This app even had some funny descriptions.

Rejection #2

Clap For Lights – I had just bought my iPhone 4 and that it would be really cool if I made an application that would turn the light on the back of the iPhone on and off if you clapped.  I wrote a really cool algorithm that was able to detect claps even in a room that was really loud.

28 02, 2011

Gmail Inboxes Vanishing

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Yesterday, I read over at Engadget that Gmail users around the world have lost all of their emails. I think about 150,000 people lost their messages all together. This is terrible for google as many people have their entire lives in these accounts. This is especially bad for Google because the concept of having everything ‘in the cloud’ is security for most people. However, this recent turn of events might change people’s minds.

22 10, 2010

Cal Poly App

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Just released a new app the other day. You may search for it in the app store, it is simply called Cal Poly.

It is pretty cool, it includes the following features:

  • Restaurant Hours
  • Campus Map
  • Sound Board
  • Athletics Information
  • Calendar
  • More…